Stress and Somatic Experiencing Therapy


Stress is seen as the number one enemy of modern life. However, stress is a biologically essential survival tool, without it, the progression of the human species would not have been possible.

But why does opening that dreaded bill from the phone company cause our brains and our bodies to react in the exact same manner as they would have a million years ago when a mountain lion was bounding towards us whilst out hunting?

How we perceive danger and stress today and how we respond to such situations is not just shaped by our personal experiences in life but more so by our distant ancestral past – often times responding to modern stressors with the mindset and actions of our Palaeolithic ancestors.

Whilst activating the stress response a million years ago may have meant the difference between life and death, today it often leads to conditions such as chronic anxiety and depression, heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, infertility, digestive issues such as IBS, to name but a few.

Through Somatic Experiencing therapy we can learn exactly what is happening inside your body during stressful episodes and learn techniques that will help you take back control. My Goal is to help people understand the stress and how it manifests in the body. By learning what triggers stress symptoms we can learn to control these symptoms and no longer be held hostage by episodes of emotional hijacking.


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